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Joint Ventures Ao Nang
Krabi's Premium Cannabis Shop

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Water pipe selection available including plastic ones! Only at Joint Ventures - your friendly cannabis shop in Krabi.

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Our storefront, located conveniently and discreetly in Ao Nang Landmark.

Joint Ventures Ao Nang merchandise available from our cannabis shop in Krabi.

A pretty cool mural for your Insta photos!

Much more than just a cannabis bud shop.

Strains List
*subject to change*

- Purple OG Kush
- Garlicane
- Lemon Cake
- Pineapple Express
- Mandarin Cookies
- Blue Dream
- White Widow
- Wedding Crasher
- Diesel Haze
- Thai Stick
- Gelato 45
- Dosidos
- and more!!

*Now offering Hash, Kief, and Dab*

Cannabis infused soju - non alcoholic


Premium buds available.


At Joint Ventures, we pride ourselves in sourcing the best edibles for our customers. We proudly feature edibles from Local Boys and The High Supply. From gummies, cookies and brownies, you will sure find a product that suits you. 

While consuming edibles, please make sure that you know your tolerance and consume responsibly. Please don't operate heavy machineries. Consuming cannabis provides a different effect that smoking. Please be mindful.

We will continue to strive in searching for cannabis related products for our clients to choose from. As the cannabis market in Thailand grows, cannabis infused products are being launched on a daily basis. Joint Ventures is hopeful that we will be able to have all interesting cannabis related products available in store at our cannabis shop in Ao Nang, Krabi.
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