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Cannabis in Thailand - SIMPLIFIED

In this section, I will attempt to provide a simplified version of the Thai regulations in regards to using marijuana recreationally. Lets skip past the laws and red tape and allow me to clarify the state of Thailand and marjuana usage. This is my opinion so please exercise caution while using marijuana in Thailand. 

The Thai Food and Drug Administration officially removed marijuana and hemp from the Category 5 narcotics list. However, the country is not legalizing recreational usage. - Weed is legal in Thailand but tourists can't smoke - The Washington Post


Now you must be wondering why there is a plethora of cannabis shops selling buds showing up everywhere in Bangkok and other tourist areas. From my understanding, there is no specific laws to support the police enforcement. In the article, smoking in public is indeed illegal but the charges would be more in comparison of public nuisance from the smell or smoke rather than a recreational use marijuana arrest. In terms of smoking, all I can suggest is to be smart about it. If you're strolling on a beach in Aonang and no one is around, adding a joint to the experience is certainly ok. Just remember to be respectful of other people. Hide the joint while walking by someone rather than puff puff pass through a crowd. Another situation is smoking from the balcony of your hotel, I would suggest assessing the area and see if there is enough ventilation to blow the smoke away from the building. Just be smart and respectful and you can enjoy that Thai vacation with a joint along the way. If you happen to be visiting Aonang, give us a visit and let us replenish that stash.

Another point I would like to stress out is that this is the chance for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a very unique experience of marijuana legalization. Even though those in charge is still very new to the game and fumbles the ball here and there. It is imperative that tourists and locals enjoying this phenomenon must be responsible. Please refrain from enabling youths or forcing non smokers to try marijuana. We can't give a bad rep to add fuel to the fire. 

We will continue to add useful information on this page and hopefully it helps simplify your next trip to Thailand.


Update 13/1/2023

Happy New Year everyone. May this year bring you new strains than last and perhaps visit Thailand to experience the cannabis phenomenon. I just had a chance to visit the old town area in Phuket and Khaosan road in Bangkok and it was an eye opener. There are so many dispensaries and some of them are really beautiful. Really enjoying the dispensary hopping activity I've been doing on my own when visiting a new area.

Anyways, I packed a bowl of Jelly Breath in which I bought from High Supply in Phuket into the Dynavap prior to writing this so we should discuss using the Dynavap in Thailand. As some of you may already know, any vaping device from live resin to tobacco products are more illegal in Thailand than weed at the moment. Electric herb vaporizers are also illegal but the Dynavap could be categorized as something different. Will have to check the laws but on the streets, a Dynavap should be a safe device to carry around. 

Another significant development in the news in regards to cannabis laws and procedures is there is a proposal that consumers would be required to submit their identification as well as recording the amount that was purchased. This information will then be sent to be kept as a record. I totally support this idea of presenting identification but a bit concern about the recording of quantities. Perhaps do it like the banks where they only log the large amounts. 

On the flipside, there have been reports of farms being visited by the local authorities and cannabis sales will need to be logged and reported, Implementation is projected to start in March. 

Overall, it is still very safe to visit a dispensary and get your stash. Operators in the industry will need to adapt to the addition of regulations but end consumers will still have a huge amount of dispensaries to pick from. 

If you're Krabi, give us a visit. Buds, CBD oil, edibles, souvenirs. Joint Ventures is located in Ao Nang Landmark visible from Entrance 2. 

Update 15/11/2022

There was yet another update to the weed laws in Thailand a couple days ago. However, it was a minor tweak and does not show more clarity in regulations in regards to the cannabis in Thailand. Lets have a look at what is being changed.

The main points seems to take aim at the buds area of the plant. Selling and exporting buds requires a permit and the permit is is only granted when there is a physical location of the shop. This change would definitely make selling weed in Thailand a bit harder. Weed trucks, stalls in night markets will essentially be eliminated. Another addition is the matter of traceability. Dispensaries must have source of origin and inventory count on file for auditing purposes. The hottest addition though would be the rather vague wording in regards to the distribution of buds. Smoking in establishments is not permitted and distribution must be done by doctors or traditional doctors. The unclear line between medical and recreational is apparently murky as ever. Officials seems to want to pursue medical while sweeping recreational under the carpet. Officials just seems unwilling to tackle the tough topic of recreational use for fear of backlash. Nonetheless, I think dispensaries are here to stay.

Joint Ventures is a cannabis shop in Krabi offering a variety of cannabis related products from cbd oil to quality buds. We are conveniently located in Ao Nang Landmark complex in Aonang.

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The State of Cannabis in Thailand - 21/3/23

Today marks the day the government dissolved parliament so those in office can go out on their campaign trail. This is vital to the cannabis industry because cannabis is currently being held hostage in their bids for the next election. As expected, we continue to be a lawless land that anything goes in terms of cannabis. 

Government officials are now asking dispensaries to record every transaction yet there are people selling weed on the streets without a permit. Smoking at shops are also illegal but yet its still rampant. Dispensaries that are trying to comply are now at a disadvantage. 

Another issue that we have at the moment is the amount of dispensaries and growers. The market is very saturated and driving the prices down. How is it possible that ant's eggs costs higher than a gram of weed? Even though there is a lot of growers and I get samples to try on a daily basis, it is sad to say that only about 10% of those samples actually tastes good. It  has proven that while there are quality growers out there, they will have to weather the storm and have those that are in industry just as a money grabbing opportunity rather than passion to quit growing. 

How cannabis will be treated in the future remains to be seen and any update would probably be towards the end of the year after the politicians decides on who gets which position. Viva Thailand!

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The future of cannabis in Thailand.

This is an interesting topic to think about because the legalization of marijuana seems to be very closely linked to political situations. Weed will be embroiled in each political advancements especially given the upcoming elections. I really do hope that there is a place for cannabis in Thailand to show how it can be a valuable product that can generate money to develop communities in Thailand. After visiting California and Colorado recently, the system put in place in terms of identity verification and taxes imposed is top notch and there is benefits that is very apparent in the school system and city infrastructures. I really do hope Thailand will be able to replicate that rather than having this valuable crop be beneficial for only a few people. 

Joint Ventures is a cannabis shop in Krabi offering a variety of cannabis related products from CBD oil to quality buds. We are conveniently located in Ao Nang Landmark complex in Ao Nang. 

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Types of Marijuana

Cannabis plants come in three main varieties: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each of these has its own unique traits and can have different effects on the body. Whether you're using cannabis for medicinal or recreational reasons, it's important to know the differences between these three types.

Sativa is a tall plant with narrow leaves and is known for giving an uplifting and energetic feeling. These strains are great for daytime use and can help with depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Indica, on the other hand, is a short and bushy plant with wider leaves. It's famous for its relaxing and calming effects and is perfect for a good night's sleep. Indica strains can also help with conditions like insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms.

Hybrids are a mix of Sativa and Indica and can offer a combination of both their effects. These strains can be Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, or have a balance of both. Hybrid strains are often used for a variety of medical conditions and are popular for being versatile and flexible.

In simple terms, the difference between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid cannabis strains is all about their effects on the body.


So, choose wisely and talk to your doctor to make sure you're using the right strain for your needs. Whether you're after an energizing or relaxing experience, there's a perfect cannabis strain for you!

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Cannabis Edibles in Thailand

In regards to edibles, it is also still a blur. Apparently there is a law that THC content can not be over 0.2% but there isn't exactly a way to gauge  how many percent of THC is in the brownie sitting in the shop front. Again, be smart about edibles and know your limits. They don't hit you right away like smoking a joint so buy from reputable dealers or take half first.


At Joint Ventures Ao Nang, we are in still the process of selecting reputable dealers that has an accurate measurement of how much THC is contained in each product exactly. The possibility of kids consuming the edibles by mistake also weighs heavily in our minds.  We do offer Chopaka terpene gummies which is a great compliment to after smoking a joint. The fragrance of the gummy just hits the spot after smoking.

Joint Ventures is a cannabis shop in Krabi offering a variety of cannabis related products from CBD oil to quality buds. We are conveniently located in Ao Nang Landmark complex in Ao Nang. 

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